Hire a CPA tax representative in Clifton, TX, serving Waco, TX & all of  Bosque County

Hire a CPA tax representative in Clifton, TX, serving Waco, TX & all of Bosque County

Are you facing IRS harassment because of an issue with your tax forms? Thomas Cunningham, CPA, LLC can help. Tom has years of experience as a CPA tax representative in Clifton and Waco, Texas. He'll stand up for you against the IRS so that you can resolve your tax issues. Get in touch with Thomas Cunningham, CPA today if you need tax representation services in Clifton and Waco, TX.

The greatest oxymoron of all time: "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you"!

A central Texas fuel distributor was assessed a whopping $70,000 penalty by the IRS. Their sin: According to the IRS, they retained too much cash in the business and paid no dividends to the shareholders. The IRS answer, when challenged by Tom: "We are just trying to protect the treasury"! Yes, the IRS will go to any end to grab your pocketbook. With Tom's representation, the IRS Appeals Division ruled in favor of the taxpayer and reversed the penalty assessment.

An individual had saved his money for many years (in excess of $100,000) stuffed inside his refrigerator door and wanted the safety of a bank CD. Upon advice from Tom, notarized affidavits from taxpayer's friends were obtained testifying that this income had been properly reported in taxpayer's tax returns over the years and was from legal sources, not drug related or from other illegal sources.

Tom advised that deposit of such a large sum (of cash) would, in little time, result in a visit by an IRS Criminal Investigator, looking to lock someone up.

That day arrived and when the IRS Investigator was presented the affidavits by Tom and his client, the IRS Investigator left shaking his head as he knew he had been defeated.

Why do you need a tax representative?

You shouldn't try to resolve IRS issues on your own. Here are just a few reasons to hire Thomas Cunningham, CPA if you need an experienced CPA tax representative in Clifton or Waco, TX:

  • Tom knows the law and will not be bullied by the government
  • He's faced the IRS many times before, so he'll know how to handle your issue
  • He offers complete tax services, so he can help you correct any problems

Don't let your issue with the IRS become a major problem. Make an appointment for tax representation services in Clifton and Waco, TX-consult Thomas Cunningham, CPA today.